Julia K. Morgan


Department of Geology and Geophysics
6100 Main Street, MS-126
Rice University
Houston, TX 77025

Office: Keith Wiess Geological Laboratory 207B
Phone: (713) 348-6330
FAX: (713) 348-5214


A.B., Vassar College, 1987
Thesis Advisor: Paul Olilla
Title: The anomalous occurrence of staurolite in sillimanite grade rocks in the Taconic Range, NY State.

Ph.D., Cornell University, 1993
Committee: Daniel.E. Karig (advisor), Richard W. Allmendinger, James T. Jenkins
Title: The nature of deformation in the toe of the Nankai accretionary prism
based on sedimentary fabric analyses and numerical strain calculations.


Academic Appointments

Assistant Professor, Rice University, Houston, TX 1999 - present
Assistant Researcher, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI 1996 - 1999
Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 1994 - 1996
Postdoctoral Associate, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 1993 - 1994
Graduate Research Assistant, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 1988 - 1993
Undergraduate Summer Research Fellow, Woods Hole Ocean. Inst., Woods Hole, MA 1986

Professional Fellowships and Honors (selected)

Fellow, Geological Society of America 2004
SOEST Young Investigator Fellowship in Earth Sciences, University of Hawaii 1996
Post-doctoral Fellowship in Earth Sciences, National Science Foundation (held at U. Wash) 1994
Shell Graduate Fellowship (held at Cornell University) 1991
JOI/USSAC Ocean Drilling Fellowship (held at Cornell University) 1990
Phi Beta Kappa 1987
Departmental and General Honors, Vassar College 1987
Erminnie A. Smith Prize for Excellence in Geology, Vassar College 1987
Summer Research Fellowship, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution 1986

Professional Activities and Service

Co-organizer, "WG1: Micromechanical Modeling", APEC Cooperation for Earthquake Simulation, Beijing 2004
Co-convener, Special Session "Fault Zones and Granular Mechanics", Tectonophysics Section, AGU Fall Meeting 2002
Workshop Leader for Geology Badge, Girl Scouts of America 2001, 2002, 2003
Co-chair, Fall Program Committee, Tectonophysics Section, Amer. Geophys. Union 1999-2000
Co-convener, Special Session "In Honor of Dan Karig", Tectonophysics Section, AGU Fall Meeting 1997
Judge, Hawaii State Science Fair 1997, 1999

Professional Affiliations

Geological Society of America
American Geophysical Union
Sigma Xi

Marine Experience

Shipboard Scientist, R/V Yokosuka (JAMSTEC), Hawaii, 2002
- SHINKAI 6500 (submersible) and seabeam survey of submarine Hawaiian flanks
Shipboard Scientist, R/V Western Flyer (MBARI), Hawaii, 2001
- TIBURON (submersible) survey of Mauna Loa's western flank
Shipboard Scientist, R/V Yokosuka (JAMSTEC), Hawaii, 1999
- SHINKAI 6500 (submersible) and seabeam survey of submarine Hawaiian flanks
Shipboard Scientist, R/V Karei (JAMSTEC), Hawaii, 1998
- KAIKO (ROV) and seabeam survey of giant landslides off Hawaiian Islands
Co-Chief Scientist, R/V Maurice Ewing, Hawaii, 1998
- Marine seismic survey of giant Hilina submarine landslides of Hawai'i
Physical Properties Specialist, R/V Joides Resolution (ODP) Leg 149, 1993
- Ocean drilling across the ocean-continent transition, and basement detachment zone, Iberia Abyssal Plain.
Shipboard Scientist, R/V Moana Wave, Central Philippines, 1990
- Marine geophysical survey of Eurasian-Philippine plate boundary, and Mindoro Fault zone,

Field Experience

Big Bend National Park, TX, 2000-2003
- Field mapping and instruction of Laramide deformation in BBNP
Moloka'i, HI, 2000-2003
- Aerial reconnaissance mapping of subaeiral rock falls along sea cliffs, north coast of Moloka'i
Makaha, HI, November 1996
- Reconnaissance aerial and field survey of subaerial debris avalanches;
- Report to Civil Defense
Death Valley, CA, January 1996
- Mapping, sampling, and structural and fabric analyses of granular and clay rich gouges in low angle faults
Sangre de Cristo Mtns, CO, August 1988
- Reconnaissance structural mapping and cross section preparation
SW Montana, Summer 1987
- Structural mapping, stratigraphic description, and spatial interpretation
- Associate Instructor - summer field camp
Taconic Mtns, NY, Spring 1987
- Metamorphic mapping and petrographic analysis of greenschist grade rocks


Rice University 1999-present

- ESCI 101 - The Earth (w/ Gordon & Luttge, 2004)
- ESCI 323 - Earth Structure and Deformation (w/ Ave Lallemant & Gordon, 2003)
- ESCI 333 - Introductory Structural Geology (w/ Ave Lallemant, 2000-2002)
- ESCI 334 - Geological Field Techniques (2000-2004)
- ESCI 404 - SEM: Graduate Research (w/ Zelt & Lenardic, 2002-2004)
- ESCI 463 - Advanced Structural Geology (w/ Ave Lallemant, 2000-2003)
- ESCI 509 - SEM & Field Trip: Geology of Hawaiian Islands (w/ Leeman, 2000)
- ESCI 510 - SEM: Modeling Geologic Processes (w/ Lenardic, 2000)
- ESCI 514 - SEM: Deformation of Sediments and Related Materials (w/ Anderson, 2000)
- ESCI 538 - SEM: Rifting and Subducting Continental Margins (w/ Sawyer, 2000)
- ESCI 562 - SEM: Faults and Fault Mechanics (2002)

University of Hawaii 1996-1998

- Sediment Mechanics and Related Topics
- Introduction to Granular Materials
- Marine Geology
- Geological Data Analysis

Cornell University, Grad. Teaching Asst. 1988-1991

- Introduction to Field Methods
- Structural Geology
- Geohydrology
- Historical Geology

Indiana University Geologic Field Station, Asst. Instructor1988

- Geologic Field Study of the Northern Rocky Mountains



Jaewoo Park (Ph.D. 2006 - anticipated, Graduate Co-advisor, Rice University)
- 3D tomographic inversion of onshore-offshore refraction data over Kilauea volcano
Yonggui Guo (Ph.D. 2005 - anticipated, Graduate Advisor, Rice University)
- Micromechanics and friciton of granular shear zones: Effects of particle angularity and particle fracture
Deanna Borchers (M.S. 2004 - anticipated, Graduate Advisor, Rice University)
- Subsurface structure, stratigraphy, and geochemistry of the submarine South Kona Slump, west flank of Mauna Loa volcano, HI
E. Blanche Sunderland (M.A. 2003, Graduate Advisor, Rice University)
- Sediment microstructures and deformation at the toe of the Nankai accretionary prism: Effects of accretion and diagenesis, and the evolution of the decollement
Stephen Leslie (M.S. 2002, Co-advisor, University of Hawaii)
- Internal structure of the Puna ridge, submarine extension of the Kilauea east rift zone, from marine seismic reflection data.
Zhiyong Zhao (Ph.D. 1998, committee member; University of Hawaii)
- Deformation and dewatering of the subducting plate and dilation of the
decollement under the northern Barbados accretionary wedge: An insight from a 3-D survey.


Nathan Benesh (B.S. 2004, Undergraduate Research Advisor, Rice University)
- Analysis of 2D onshore-offshore refraction data across Kilauea volcano
Sara Hanson-Hedgecock (B.A. 2003, Undergraduate Research Advisor, Rice University)
- Distribution of slope sediments - offshore Kilauea volcano
Rosemary Cody (B.A. 2003, Undergraduate Research Advisor, Rice University)
- Structural analysis of simulated accretionary wedges: Discrete element simulations
Leo Peters (B.A. 2002, Undergraduate Research Advisor, Rice University)
- 3D Velocity structure of Kilauea: Forward modeling of onshore-offshore refraction data
M. Jordan Raddick (R.E.U. 1999, Undergraduate Research Advisor, University of Hawaii)
- Gravitational constraints on models of compensation and crustal structure in Hawai'i
Margaret S. Boettcher (R.E.U. 1997, Undergraduate Research Advisor, University of Hawaii)
- Micromechanics of shear zones: Insights from distinct element experiments.


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