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Colin Zelt Photography


The following self-published books are available from

Colin Zelt's Perspective. This 12x12 book contains over 250 photos from all twelve bodies of work up to 2008. It is a new and improved edtion of the book listed below.

Colin Zelt's Perspective. This 11x13 book contains over 200 photos from the first seven bodies of work listed below. It is an earlier version of the book listed above.
An 8x10 version of this book that includes the same photos is available here.

The Sea-Arama Ruins. This book contains all 56 photos in this body of work.

Rocky's Neighborhood at Night. This book contains 78 photos from this body of work.

Texas Junk Company. Over 130 color photos in this series on the Texas Junk Company in Houston, Texas.

Rocky's Neighborhood at Night - series #2. 280 color photos in this body of work.

Junk Cars. Over 60 color photos in this series.

Bodies of Work

1. Houston (2002-2003)

2. Abandonments (2002-2003)

3. Hardy Street rail yard (2004)

4. Sea-Arama (2005-2006)

5. Rocky's neighborhood (2006-2008)

6. Rocky's neighborhood at night (2006-2007)

7. Texas Junk Company (2006-2007)

8. Pink Cadillacs (2006)

9. Rocky's neighborhood at night - series #2 (2006-2007)

10. Empty lots (2007)

11. La Marque Apartments (2007)

12. Abandoned church in Muldoon, TX (2008)

13. Junk cars (2011)

14. Rocky's neighborhood at night - series #3 (2012-)

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