Colin Zelt


Rice University
Department of Earth Science
, MS-126
P.O. Box 1892
Houston, TX 77251-1892
(713) 348-4757 (office)
(713) 348-5214 (fax)

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  • Research Interests: Seismology and inverse methods
  • Study Areas
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  • Rice Center for Computational Geophysics
  • Participants at the CCSS workshop, Dublin, Ireland, October 6-8, 1999
  • CCSS Workshop October 8-11, 2003 in Blacksburg, VA
    Current Research Projects:

  • SE Caribbean/Venezuela Margin
  • Iberia margin
  • 3D simultaneous seismic refraction and reflection tomography
  • Hill Air Force Base: High-resolution seismology at an environmental remediation site
  • Tomographic assessment of a velocity model for the Hirapur-Mandla profile, India
  • South flank of Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii
    Past Research Projects:

  • Central Chilean margin
  • Review paper on modeling wide-angle data
  • Velocity resolution from 3D seismic data
  • Faeroe Basin
  • Study of out-of-plane effects (paper or poster)
  • Southern Canadian Cordillera
  • Grenville Province
  • Peace River Arch: 3D structure from simultaneous inversion of intersecting 2D profiles
    Current and Former Graduate Students:

  • Maximiliano Bezada, Ph.D. - Venezuelan crustal structure from seismic and gravity data
  • Priyank Jaiswal, Ph.D. 2008 - Waveform and traveltime inversion for improved seismic imaging
  • Jae Woo Park, Ph.D. 2008 - 3D velocity structure of the south flank of Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii
  • Maria Guedez, M.S. 2007 - Crustal structure across the Caribbean-South American plate boundary at 70W
  • Adeyemi Arogunmati, M.S. 2006 - 3D seismic structure of the Leeward Antilles Arc
  • Aron Azaria, M.A. 2003 - 3D traveltime tomography at a ground water contamination site
  • Priyank Jaiswal, M.A. 2002 - 2D velocity structure of a gas hydrate site in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Julia Naumenko, M.A. 2001 - 2D crustal structure of the central Chilean margin
  • Diana Dana, M.A. 2001 - High resolution seismics for mining and environmental studies
  • Frank Condi, Ph.D. 1999 - Gravity and gravity gradiometry inversion

  • NSCI 230 Computation in the Natural Sciences
  • ESCI 441 Geophysical Data Analysis: Inverse Theory
  • EEPS 448/648 Exploration Geophysics
  • ESCI 542/CAAM 592 Seismology II
  • ESCI 403

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